Sunday, March 7, 2010

Women`s Reservation Bill a PLOT against OBC...!

Mumbai (07/03/2010): On the EVE of International Women`s Day, Congress-led UPA is trying to PASS, Women`s Reservation Bill In RAJYASABHA. Mahadev Jankar National President RSP has been saying in Mumbai that, PROPOSED Women`s Reservation Bill is A PLOT against POLITICAL PARTICIPATION of OBC/ST/SC/MINORITY in PARLIAMENT & ASSEMBLY. RSP is going to hold STRONG NATION WIDE PROTEST against the BILL. RSP demands OBC women’s Reservation within Women`s Reservation Bill along with SC /ST/ MINORITY. As there is NO SPACE for OBC/SC/ ST in PROPOSED Women`s Reservation Bill Rashtriya Samaj Party has decided to PROTEST against the BILL.

Jankar added that, RASHTRAMATA SAVITRIBAI PHULE w/o MAHATMA Jotirao Phule (1827-1890) is PIONEER of INDIAN WOMEN`S LIBERALIZATION MOVEMENT of INDIA. In first Parliament (1952) 50% MP`s were of BRAHMIN Community & 90% MP`s were from UPPER CASTE. O-BC reservation was the FIRST RESERVATION of INDIA implemented in MADRAS STATE. Due to NON REPRESENTATION of OBC in CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY, OBC RESERVATION was not included in newly formed CONSTITUTION. Due to NON PARTICIPATION of OBC MP ‘MANDAL COMMISSION REPORT’ was kept in DUSTBIN up to 1977.
SAMIR BHUJBAL is FIRST MP from MALI community. AHILYABAI HOLKAR was QUEEN of MAJOR INDIA. DHANGAR is MAJORITY COMMUNITY in INDIA / Mahaharashtra, but still NO MP from DHANGAR from Maharashtra. Once Ahilyabai was Ruler of INDORE, but now SUMITRA MAHAJAN (Brahmin) is MP from INDORE. Day by day OBC PARTICIPATION has been increasing and YADAVAs & GITEs (Shivsena, MP) are coming in PARLIAMENT. Now there are 50% OBC MPs in PARLIAMENT. To STOP this OBC PARTICIPATION three MAIN Ruling PARTIEs CONGRESS, BJP & CPI/CPM have come together FIRST TIME in the Parliamentary HISTORY of India. LALU, MULAYAM, SHARAD all YADAVAs of SP/RJD/JDU declared to fight against Women`s Reservation Bill in Parliament. Those WHO were ON ROAD & IN PARLIAMENT against OBC RESERVATION/MANDAL COMMISSION have come TOGETHER to SUPPORT Women’s Reservation Bill. ALL OBC of ALL INDIA should note & understand this PLOT AGAINST OBC. MISTAKE MADE by OBC in 1947, NOT to be REPEATED AGAIN! Mahadev Jankar was talking with his party workers in URGENT MEETING held here in party’s Central Office. COURSE of PROTEST to PROPOSED BILL was also discussed in the meeting Janakar said.


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  1. Exactly ,,,i m 100% agree with this...i belongs to Dhangar Family where Rajamata Ahilyadevi is worshiped as a god & I have an tremendous respect about Women & i don't differentiate he human being in two parts as MEN / WOMEN,...Women`s Reservation Bill cant gives the respect & power to women's. This bill will make the women's as a pa-pet who dance by a thread control by men ...