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Sangoli Rayanna Rajyabhishek Celebrated in Nandgad…

Jai Malhar



(On the occasion of 179th Smriti Anniversary - 26th January 2010)
( RAYANNA NAYAK : B:15-Aug-1798, D:26-Jan-1831)


26th January 2010 is 179th Death Anniversary of the Great Rayanna Nayak, the formost freedom fighter/the Mahanayak of swaraj movement of India. The great Rayann Nayak of Sangoli village near Belgaum was fighting against the British Raj for the freedom of Rani Chennamma of Kittur Queen of Rashtriya samaj, Rayanna Nayak along with his several communities was hanged on 26th January 1831by the British Raj. Britshers overthrowing Indians from power, started to rule India. India was being ruled by the Rashtriy samaj/National castes/communities like Koli, Dhangar, Kunbi/Maratha, Jat, Gond, Mahar, Matang etc. Then came Moghuls/Britishers/others to rule India. So it was struggle of freedom basically between Rashtriya samaj and foreign intruders But to erase this fact,propoganda of the fake Swaraj movement between Britshers and congress was made by bothe Britishers as well as congressmen. British borned congress was fighting for the welfare of movement upper strata of Indian Society. Then in India there were small states/local governments in widest/largest tribal India and were prominently run by koli, Dhangar, Ramoshi, Bedar, Rajgond, Mahar, and Matang or by likewise National communities. This is the real History of India. Though it in hide, it is happened history of India.
Here we are not going for details/proofs, as they are deliberaty kept hidden, more ever destroyed, by the ememy rulers of Rashtriya samaj/national communities. Koli, Dhangar, Ramoshi, Bedar, Mahar Gond, Matang, and likewise castes and communties comprise more than the 50% India’s population.
But now, once ruling Rashtriya samaj have became the politically neglected communities throughout India. These castes and commnuties have been pushed backword from all power centers of India. So once ruling but now politically neglected Rashtriya samaj needs political empowerment to stand with the commnuties now ruling in India. Rastriya samaj needs educational, economical and social empowerment. This can be done by the social, economical educational and the political empowerment is the best and the only solution. It is rightly said that politcs is the masters key to solve all the problems, Poltically neglected castes and communties i.e. Rashtriya samaj of India.

Maharashtra-Koli, Mali, Kunbi, Dhangar, Valmiki, Ramoshi, Agri, Bhandri, Matang, Rajgond etc.

Gujrat-Rabari, Bharwad, Koli, Kanbi, Agri, Maldhari, etc.

U.P-Rajbhar, Yadav, Gaderia, Kurmi, Pal, Baghel etc.

M.P-Mallah, Nishad, Gaderia,Yadav, Dhangar etc.

Karnataka- Kuruba, Bedar, Koli Mogvira, Valmiqi, Madiga,etc. [The list of Rashtriy samaj is incomplete, like wise many other castes and communities are to be/may be added] This is sample record and model is theory applicable to all castes/ communities coming within the Rashtriy samaj.

Maharashtra- Maharashtra may be the biggest/oldest home land of Rashtriy samaj. Only Dhangar 17%, koli 7%, Mali 8%, Matang 6% Agri 4% comprise 42% population of Maharshtra.

Union of India- Dhangar [shepherds of India] and koli [Fishermen’s of India], only these two national communities bearing different names in different areas comprise 15% population of India ,Rashtriya samaj is majority holding samaj in India. Rashtriya samaj/ Neglecated castes and communities/ the majority samaj is pushed and kept backward from all power centers throughout Maharashtra and other parts of India, So empowerment of these national communities is most urgent needed agenda, as it is empowerment of national communities, as well as empowerment of nation India also.
Now it is 58 years and still these above mentioned communities are neglected throughout India, Political empowerment is the easiest and most effective way to solve this problem. Only through political empowerment, the educational, economical, and all other problems may be/can be solved easily, effectively and a so at the earliest.
Now how this politicical empowerment can be achived in soverign, democratic/Republic India. That is the only subject and is the only question before us.
India is our country.We the Rashriya samaj were ruling this country.But now we are being ruled and are deprived of everything. Not only we the national communities but nation India is also is being ruined by these rulers.It is time to change the rulers of India. We have vote power, money power and deed power also. Then what needed now? What is to be done now? We appeal to Rashtriya samaj members of neglected castes and communities to take the pen and send us your views/opinion in writing on the following subject…

Swaraj of Rashtriya Samaj!
Why and how?

Your views may possibly lead all of us towards the possibly best solution...

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Rayanna of Sangoli

The FORGOTTEN National Hero!

Kittur Rani Chennamma (1778 - 1829) was the queen of the princely state of Kittur in Karnataka. In 1824, 33 years before the 1857 war of independence, she led an armed rebellion against the British. Rani Chennamma, born 56 years before the 1857 rebel Rani Laxmi Bai, who is known as the first woman to fight against British governance. But Rani Chennamma is first Indian Lady Rulers to have fought for independence. She became queen of her native kingdom and married Raja Mallasarja, of the Desai family, and had one son; after her son's death in 1824 she adopted Shivalingappa, and made him heir to the throne. The British did not accept this and ordered Shivalingappa's expulsion. Chennamma defied the order: a battle ensued, during which Chennamma fought fiercely with the aid of her lieutenant, Sangolli Rayanna, but was ultimately captured and imprisoned at Bailhongal Fortin 1824. (Where she died on 21 February 1829) Rayanna of Sangoli continued the battles against British till 1831.On 11 September 2007 a statue of Rani Chennamma was unveiled at the Indian Parliament Complex by Pratibha Patil, the first woman President of India. Thus the first freedom fighter Lady Rani Chennamma is honored. But her lieutenant SANGOLI RAYANNA is still in the dark.
Rayanna the pioneer of Guerrilla War in India…
Who is Rayanna? Rayanna was born in the small village of Sangolli, he belonged to the Kuruba Gowda / Dhangar caste and hence a warrior. He fought the British till his death. He was the army chief of the Kingdom of Kittur ruled at the time by Rani Chennamma. Rani chennamma was put in the jail by British. On 5th December 1824 pulling down the SWARAJ FLAG of Kittur, the Union Jack of British was hoisted on KITTUR FORT. Rayanna Nayak putting crown to Dattak Putra of Rani Chennamma continued to fight against British. The PATEL and KULKARNI of Sangoli village loyalist to British started harassing Rayanna and his family members. His land was confiscated, and of what remained of it was heavily taxed. He extracted huge sums of money from notorious landlords and bureaucrats. He taxed the landlords and built up an army from the masses. He used guerrilla tactics to attack British government property and British army camps. Imprisoned Rani Chennamma died in Bailhongal fort on 21st February 1829. Capturing DESUR FORT from British Rayanna along with his army hoisted SWARAJ FLAG of KITTUR on DESUR FORT. Rayanna is considered by many historians as the pioneer of guerrilla warfare in India. He is pioneer of non co-operation movement to British Government also. Rayanna`s Government ordered not to co-operate foreign Rulers. He continued this warfare till 1830. It is said that the landlords along with the British forced his father in law to cheat Sangolli Rayanna. When Rayanna was having a bath, the British army attacked. Rayanna hanged on 26th January 1831 in Nandagad of Belgaum district. At the time of being hanged he said “This is our country. To rule India is our Birth right. Who are you to rule India? So leave our country and let us rule our country. My last wish is to be born again in the country to fight against the British and drive them away from our sacred soil" British drove away as wished by Rayanna. But British born Congress and their successors are ruling India. In Rayanna`s army there were Lingayat, Muslim, Bedar, Maratha, Jangam, Kurba-Dhangar, Jain, etc. It was liberation of common mass. It was crowning of Rashtriya Samaj. Rani Chennamma or Rani Laxmibai was fighting for their KINGDOM also but Rayanna and his army were fighting for NATION as well as for PEOPLE of INDIA. He was hanged on 26th January 1831. Why not he is being remembered? What so called LEADERS & INTELLECTUALS of INDIA are doing?
Sangoli Rayanna Rajyabhishek celebrated in Nandgad…

On this background, Sangoli Rayanna Rajyabhishek, Anniversary Day was celebrated on behalf of Mahadev Jankar- Rashtriya Samaj Party on 26th January 2010 at Nandgad –Belgaum in the presence of Chief Guest Shri Yallappa Kurbar, Honorable Mayor Belgaum Municipal Corporation. After symbolic RAJYABHISHEK of Sangoli Rayanna by RSP, Open Seminar on “Swaraj of Rashtriya Samaj why and how?” was held under the chairmanship of Shri Mahadev Jankar, National President Rashtriya Samaj Party. Mahadev Jankar in his prominent address on the occasion said that “I am here to make NAMAN to Rayanna of Sangoli who sacrificed his life to DAMAN British Raj. But Karnataka and Central Government is trying to DAFAN the HISTORY of Rayanna. So my party is here to DAFAN Congress, BJP and other ruling parties who have neglected Sangoli Rayanna`s SMARAK of Nandgad. Rayanna of Sangoli is RASHTRA VEER, but being limited calling him KANNAD VEER. Sangoli Rayanna and many others sacrificed their life for SWARAJ of India. But who is ruling free India? SONs of Rayanna are not ruling India. Why not Sons of Rayanna dreams/claims to be Prime Minister of India? Who has given the birth to these ruling political parties? What is the role of Sons of Rayanna in these parties? Have they any role in decision making and controlling the party? These are the few questions which made us to establish our own party and further to hold RAJYABHISHEK of Sangoli Rayanna the foremost freedom fighter and foremost leader of SWARAJ movement of India. 26th January 1831 is the day when Rayanna of Sangolli was hanged by British. Rayanna and his 400+colleagues fought against British Raj for liberation of Rani Chennamma and Kittur. 26th January is Republic Day of India and Death Anniversary of Rayanna! 15th August is Independence Day of India and Birth Anniversary of Rayanna! Is it simply coincidence? I do not know. But in my opinion Rani Chennamma, Raje Umaji Naik, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Bhagat Singh, Tipu Sultan, Raghoji Bhangre, Birsa Munda and many others are REAL NATIONAL LEADERS and SONS of these REAL LEADERS have got BIRTH RIGHT to RULE India. Thus the RAJYABHISHEK of RAYANNA is RAJYABHISHEK of RASHTRIYA SAMAJ and RAJYABHISHEK of RASHTRIYA SAMAJ is SWARAJ of RASHTRIYA SAMAJ. Through our OWN PARTY, our OWN LEADER, our OWN SAMAJ and our OWN CAPITAL, WE can achieve the SWARAJ imagined by RAYANNA of Sangoli and many others. We have our own RASHTRIYA SAMAJ PARTY. I am confident that WE will be ruling India along with Karnataka, Maharashtra many other states and the day is not far away I believe. I am not here to divide leaders or society. But I am here to JOIN the society and leaders divided in the name of Caste, Religion, Language and State. OURS is ONLY NATIONAL PARTY, organized for National Integrity and Nation Building. I promise that I myself and my party workers will be in Belgaum-Nandgad on every 24, 25, 26 January to salute and propagate the NATIONAL WORK done by Rayanna of Sangoli.”
Thus RAYANNA was remembered and honored…
Sangoli Rayanna SMARAK/SAMADHI is located in 2 acre land surrounded with compound. It is looked after by Pujari Shri & Smt Shankar Chavan and his son Govind Chavan. Shepherds from Sangoli with DHOL & JHANZ started the day SALUTING Rayanna the Great on 26th January 2010. Rayanna was hanged on the border of Nandgad. There is old banyan tree which is believed to be there since 200+ years. Near there is MANDIR of Rayanna Nayak. There is beautiful statue of Sangoli Rayanna in midst of Nandgad. National Flag hoisted in front the statue of Rayanna in the presence of Nandgad Villagers & Visiters Rayanna JYOTI was lighted by Shri Janakar, Shri Kurbar, Shri Appugol. On the occasion in the meeting held by RSP Shri Yallappa Kurbar remembered the Sacrifice of Rayanna. Shri Anand Appugol, praised Mahadev Jankar for building our own party.Representatives from all over Karnataka as well as Maharashtra and Goa also were present. Last many years the Residents of Sangoli- Bailhongal used to take Rayanna Jyoti from Nandagad to Sangoli. This year also RAYANNA JYOTI was taken from Nandgad.. Shankar Sonoli of JDS informed that Kumar Swami, Ex C.M. of Karnataka was in Nandgad at midnight to salute the Rayanna. Shankar Sonoli of Nandgad village also said that Shri Mahadev Jankar is first National President of any National Party and Shri Yallapa Kurbar the first KURUBA- DHANGAR Mayor of Belgaum who was in Nandgad on 26th January to salute RAYANNA the GREAT NATIONAL HERO. Leader of apposition Siddhramaiah was in Sangoli to receive and salute the RAYANNA JYOTI brought from Nandgad. Shri K Ishwarappa took the charge of presidential post of BJP Karnataka. Then he was remembering Rayanna also with other National leaders like Sawarakar, Gandhi, Tilak He said that the National work done by RAYANNA is IDEAL MODEL to follow for others. Additional 1 acre land & Fund of Rs10 million was allotted by Government of Karnataka, the sort of news was flashed couple of days before the function. These are the some exceptions.
On 26th January 2010 Republic Day was being celebrated in throughout India with full rejoices, it may be in Delhi or Bangalore but Rayanna who was hanged on 26th January of 1831 for the cause of SWARAJ & FREEDOM of INDIA was forgotten by leaders of the country! So RAJYABHISHEK of Rayanna, the FORGOTTEN NATIONAL HERO became the need of TIME and NATION.Last RAJYABHISHEK CEREMONY was held on 10th December 2008 at the hands of Mahadev Jankar and Representatives of 7 Communities. First RAJYABHISHEK ANNIVERSARY celebrated on 26th January 1010. Rayanna of Sangoli is NATIONAL HERO but DEATH ANNIVERSARY function is being held only in SANGOLI and NANDGAD. Most of the visitors taking part are also from Sangoli and Bailhongal area. Rani Laxmibai of Zanshi 1835-1858 is well known to every citizen of India but Rani Chennamma of Kittur-1778-1829 and Rayanna of Sangoli (1798-1831) is not known out of Karnataka! Now under the leadership of Mahadev Jankar RASHTRIYA SAMAJ PARTY is propagating the NATIONAL WORK done by Rayanna Nayak, Rani Chennamma not only in Maharashtra or in Karnataka but in all over India. Shri Jankar was concluding that ‘Congress calls itself the NATIONAL PARTY but she has done nothing in the name of Rayanna the foremost FREEDOM FIGHTER, so I request them at the earliest SMARAK of RAYANNA the NATIONAL HERO is to be established in Delhi. In Bangalore BJP is ruling they pose themselves NATIONALIST. How come they forgot Rayanna? I heard Karnataka government is providing some fund. I welcome for the positive step taken by Yediurappa Government. But furthermore has to be done as far as RAYANNNA the GREAT is concerned” Taking inspirations from his leader Shri Hanumatappa Pujer President RSP Belgaum said that RSP Belgaum will be MODEL for not only to Karnataka but to Nation India and we will work hard to carry forward the IDEALS of Rayanna of Sangoli under the leadership of Mahadev Jankar. Thus the Rayanna of Sangoli, the forgotten NATIONAL HERO was remembered and honored in the SACRED PLACE of Nandgad- Belgaum where he was taking last breath for the cause of SWARAJ of KITTUR and FREEDOM of INDIA.

_by S L Akkisagar (Mumbai Dt. 26th January 2010)
Email: & Mob: 09969608338

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