Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mahatma Phule Jayanti by RSP in Katagun!

Jai Malhar Bolo...!
Jai Rashtriya Samaj Bolo...!!
Satara-Katgun Chalo...!!!

On the Occasion of Birth Anniversary
On behalf of

On Saturday, 20th February 2010
At Katgun, Taluka Khatav, District Satara, Maharashtra at 1 PM

Marg Darshak: Mahadeo Jankar, National President RSP
Chief Guest: Prof. M.M Deshmukh, A Great Historian
Special Guest:Babasaheb Patil, MLA RSP, Ahmedpur - Latur
Guest of honor: Lalitbhai Patel, President, Gujrat RSP
Guest of honor: Ganesh Devasi, President, Karnataka RSP
Guest of honor: Shafik Parkar, Organiser, Maharashtra RSP
Chairperson: Pundlik (Mama) Kale, National Treasurer RSP

Invited by & Organized by: Rashtriya Samaj Party, National Committee.


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  SATTA PARIVARTAN RALLY on the occasion Mahatma Phule Jayanti by RSP in Katagun!

- Without the SUPPORT of RSP No Government will be run in Maharashtra..!
- Prof. M M Deshmukh (Founder, Maratha Seva Sangh)

- Chondi is GATEWAY to Mumbai ASSEMBLY, Nandgad is GATEWAY to Bangalore ASSEMBLY and KATGUN is GATEWAY to DELHI PARLIAMENT..!
- Mahadev Jankar (National President, RSP)

Katgun : SATTA PARIVARTAN RALLY on the occasion Mahatma Phule Jayanti was organised by RSP in Katagun on 20th February 2010. Renowned thinker/author/and historian Prof. M M Deshmukh , National President RSP Mahadev Jankar, National Treasurer RSP Pundalik (Mama) Kale, RSP MLA Maharashtra Babasaheb Patil, President RSP Gujarat Lalitbhai Patel, RBI OBC President S L Akkisagar, Maharashtra RSP Treasurer N G Kharat, RSP Leaders Prof Subhash Bhinge and Dashrath Raut, Maharshtra RSP Youth Front President Raju Kokre, Shetakari Sanghatana Leader Datta Padwal, Katgun Vilaage Sarpanch Gore Sir, Mahatma Phule Smarak Trust-Katgun President Balasaheb Gore were present on the occasion. In the beginning Pujan of Mahatma Phule & Rashtramata Savitribai Phule was done. Statue of Mahatama Phule garlanded and yellow-green flag of RSP was hoisted by Prof Deshmukh.
In the prime speech Prof Deshmukh said that SHIV MARATHA & SHIVSHATRU MARATHA are TWO MARATHAS in Maharashtra. Then, after RAJYABHISHEK there was no BOSS to Shivaji Maharaj. But now ‘not to displease Boss POLICY” has been adopted by Marathas of Maharashtra. MAHADEV JANKAR is DIAMOND in OUR SOCIETY. KARYA KARTA is the GREATEST CHAIR in any organization. And there is no other KARYA KARTA as MAHADEV JANKAR in MAHARASTRA. Rashtriya Samaj Party is in only PARTY where there is no PARIVARVAD. Vote is Valuable MOST, do not WASTE. Further Prof Deshmukh added that henceforth without the SUPPORT of RSP no Government will be run in Maharashtra.
National President RSP Mahadev Jankar said that Chondi is GATEWAY to Mumbai ASSEMBLY, Nandgad is GATEWAY to Bangalore ASSEMBLY and KATGUN is GATEWAY to DELHI PARLIAMENT. So RSP workers have to work hard to mobilize people to KATGUN at the earliest to TRANSFORM POWER in STATE & CENTRAL.
Babasaheb Patil, MLA RSP said that he will work hard for the peoples of Maharashtra along with his Ahmadpur Constituency. Many others took part in SATTA PARIVARTAN RALLY and put their OPINION & VIEWS.
Avdhut Dixit (Kalyan) Mahadev Arjun (New Mumbai) Gopichnd Padalkar ( Sangli) Balasaheb Kshirsagar (Mumbai) Kashinath Shevte, Bajarang Khatake, Bhausaheb Wagh, Sachin Mane Anil Jagtap(Satara) Dr Devkate, Balasaheb Kolekar (Pune) and many others were present. RSP Phalatan Taluka President Bajarang Gavade compered the meeting and RSP Satara District Rahul Kamble thanked to the people.

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  1. Every great initiative will have a humble begining and if the foundation is as sound as Rastriya Samaj.. its question of time for Us to grow.. Even big parties had only 1 r 2 representatives in the House...Everyone should strive in making this Rashtriya Samaj huge and big.. "Rashtriya Samaj First and Rest Next" should be the framework that we embark upon..

    Jai Rashtriya Samaj.. Jai kuruba..